Lööf Foundation sponsors a zip line at a central community park in Gullspång, Sweden!

In June 2015, we sponsored Gullspång’s community playground with a zipline for the children to play on. We held a great inauguration where many members of the community attended. We invited students from Gullstensskolan and an entertainer to play guitar and sing with the children! Representatives from the municipality and Sophie Lööf held speeches. We had speakers to play music from so that all of the children could dance together! We handed out lots of note books to all of the children and offered fika with cinnamon buns and saft. Everyone danced, went on the new zipline and had a lot of fun together!

One year later in June 2016, we visited the zip line to get feedback from the public on how they liked using the zip line for the past year. Some of the locals responded that the zip line is “wonderful” and “great for the kids”. We hope that the zip line continues to bring joy to the children and community of Gullspång for many years to come!

Blog posts - Sponsored zip line in Gullspång

It is one year since Lööf Foundation sponsored a zip line at the playground in Gullspång, Sweden. We asked some of the locals how they felt about the zip line, and they responded with "wonderful",…
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