FOLWENI HIGH SCHOOL We join Star for Life ® in the struggle against HIV.


HOME OF HOPE Find out how all of the Home of Hope children are doing since moving in!

Furagin school

Furagin school We have visited and supported furagin school approximately 1.5 hours outside of Moscow.


Dreams of an Orphanage Buy a book and help support our Home of Hope children living in Nepal!


Panapuram We have helped to take the village out of extreme poverty.

Joazinho Brasil

Projeto Joaozinho We have supported a social project in the suburbs of Fortaleza.

School support

School support We provided both students and teachers with tools in communication and conflict management.


Trip for unaccompanied refugees We took 30 refugee children at the Gothenburg Opera.

Love Lions Alive Project

Love Lions Alive Project Read about the Lööf Foundation Lion Lagoon enclosure!


Lööf Foundation Academy Support to unemployed people in the Gullspang and neighbouring municipalities.

Cat shelter

Cat shelter Help for abandoned cats found by the side of the road or in the woods.

Food pantry

Food pantry A lifetime experience with Elmhurst-Yorkfield Food pantry in the Chicago.

Morgan and Niklas’s Diary – November 15, 2017

20 November 2017 by Morgan Young
Morgan and Niklas’s Diary – November 15, 2017, Morgan: This morning was quite sad as we headed back to Kathmandu today The goodbye was not as emotional as I was expecting Only samjhana, Sunita and Binita cried a little, while the rest of the children said goodbye and ran off to school I think the children are used to my coming and going now which is a good thing I’m going to miss them all very much, but it’s nice knowing that I will return again and see them soon! This trip has been very fun, and I’ve had a great time with all of the children I am so happy that we were able to complete our goal of creating Martin Lundstedt’s technical workshop It felt...


Help support our efforts in giving back to those in need by visiting our web- shop where you can buy Lööf Foundation items such as bracelets, teddy bears, t-shirts and water bottles! There you will find our book “Dreams of an Orphanage” which highlights Lööf Foundation representative Johan’s life experiences and moving encounters with the people in Nepal. All proceeds go to Lööf Foundation.