Anatha Shishu Nivasa orphanage is a safe haven for children in India. The orphanage was founded in 1942 by a group of Indian philanthropists. They have 64 children between the ages of 9 months to 18 years of age living there. The children who come to this orphanage are either referred by the welfare society government department or the children are dropped off.

The orphanage has designed an area outside the building for mothers and fathers who cannot, for some reason, care for their children to anonymously leave their babies at a safe place. We were so happy when the Partex India staff chose this excellent project for us to help support! Of the children, 60% are full orphan, while 40% are semi-orphan. Semi-orphan children come to live here as their parent is living in extreme poverty and cannot care for the child. 40% of the children get adopted, while 60% go on to live at this orphanage until they become an adult at age 18.

We were so happy to be able to provide this safe haven for children with lots of food, hygiene products and toys together with the Partex India staff! It’s amazing to see such a wonderful place give children the care, education, opportunities and love they deserve. It was so nice to hear that many of the children who have lived here, they come back later on in their lives to visit, as this is a place they considered as home.

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