In autumn 2014, Ola Tornberg – communicator / coach / conflict handler from Stockholm, spent 10 days in Gullstensskolan and Gullspång with the aim of providing both students and teachers with tools in communication and conflict management. The training aims to improve mental health, increase motivation to study, and aid participants to live a meaningful life. By improving communication between teacher-teacher, teacher-student and student-student increases the chance that the quality of teaching / learning increases.

Many young people today are mentally ill and lack the tools to handle this. By increasing awareness of this and by practising talking about it, it can increase transparency and thereby increase security in the school. More joy, motivation, and community and less bullying, stress and conflicts are possible effects of this project.

The focus will be on giving students empathy / support through various exercises and that they may learn the basics of empathic communication. Teachers will learn the basics of empathic communication and they will also get some coaching.

Lööf Foundation “School support”

Our local “School Supported projects” in the Gullsten School in Gullspångsälven and Regnbågsskolan in Hova  took place in the autumn of 2014, with a total of 8 days of training for both teachers and students in classes AK4, 6 and 9. Each class received two visits, which were divided into a presentation about communication and mental health, as well as a workshop on the same theme. Theory and practical exercises were mixed to obtain a balance between listening and doing. School support was implemented  by coach Ola Tornberg from Stockholm.
Examples of exercises that were done are, among others:
-Write a letter to someone you want to express something you are unhappy with. They were then allowed to choose what they wanted to do with the letter.
-Discuss how we can get more peace and quiet in the classroom.
-Discuss the difference between giving advice, comfort, criticism, praise, sympathy and empathy.
-Brain Gym – A series of movements to improve brain functions.
-Martial arts training to increase alertness and mental focus.
– Soul Buddy – Guided exercises that can help young people to better manage the difficulties of everyday life.


Ola Tornberg (Communications Coach) wrote:

“The project has been challenging, instructive and meaningful, since I’ve met several classes and age groups in two different schools. I feel that most students were interested in what we were talking about and I got some feedback that it was appreciated. It was especially touching to read the part of the letter that was written in the exercise. Several wanted me to discuss and retain the letters.
With teachers, we focused on how we can take care of ourselves in order to avoid mental illness in a stressful environment, but also how we can create a work environment where there is “high ceiling” and inspiration to work.
The basis of the communication work is taken from a Non Violent Communication and is a model  approach that can help people to create more clarity, understanding and community. NVC is an effective tool for reducing the risk of, and managing, conflict.”
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