The Lööf Foundation Academy supported young unemployed people in the Gullspång and neighboring municipalities. In cooperation with experienced and knowledgeable speakers, the Foundation organised a series of free knowledge-building seminars. The speakers shared their experiences and gave concrete advice and tips. The aim was to empower the young people to create the life they want.


The seminars attracted many visitors, and even brought the interest of the media. See story on Lööf Foundation Academy on TV4 website


Lööf Academy seminar series, spring 2014:


14-15 May
Birgitta Granström, coach, Los Angeles

Birgitta speaks about how to cope with uncertainty, build self-confidence and improve relationships with the environment. She is the founder of Life Spider SystemTM, a unique method of personal development, and has over 20 years experience with coaching, personal development, and research in both philosophy and quantum physics. She launched Sweden’s first comprehensive online self-coaching programs.


22-23 May
Ola Tornberg, coach, Stockholm

The ethos of Ola’s lectures: “By understanding myself, I understand others. “ Ola has explored different methods in personality development and communication, ranging from meditation to martial arts, and particularly Non-Violent Communication (NVC). He has experience of coaching in sport, organisations, supportive dialogue and conflict meditation. He is president of the Association NVC Sweden and active in Mind (formerly the Association for Mental Health).


26-27 May
Elisabet Häll, health coach, Gran Canaria

Elizabeth speaks about inspiration, hope, relaxation and lifestyle change. Elizabeth has worked as a nurse and therapist for 25 years, in areas such as rehabilitation – both physical and mental health, school health, and orthopaedics.


2-3 June
Lotta Nissbrandt,  job coach, Göteborg

“Each person has their own unique strengths and motivations. You just have to find the right buttons to press. “ Lotta inspires seminar participants to see their own potential. For over 25 years, Lotta has trained and coached managers and employees and helped them develop and grow. She has also trained attendees in labor market knowledge, networking, CV writing and how to market themselves and get a job.