Lööf Foundation has supported Elmhurst-Yorkfield Food pantry in the Chicago suburbs. In conjunction with Partex USA’s new office inauguration, me and our office manager Barbara Susmilch did volunteer work there and it was a lifetime experience.

Feeling very grateful for their work and that we had the opportunity to support their great work and taking part in it hands-on. The Food pantry has been running for 31 years and it supports 400 families per month with food. It is open Monday, Tuesday and Saturday for people that do not have enough money to buy food. In the USA it is called underemployment when you earn less that you can live on. The Food pantry works like a normal shop but the difference is that you do not pay for the food. When we were volunteering we helped the customer “shop”, their allowancies differ depending how big a family they have.

Food shopping for me will never be the same, I will always remember this experience – feeling very grateful for the Food pantry’s work but also very grateful that I am able to buy food for my family. Thank you.


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