Lööf Foundation is a non-profit foundation that wants to contribute to others’ development and well-being, both locally and globally. It seeks to promote the care and education of children and young people, and also focus on environmental and social aid activities. Lööf Foundation is managed and represented by a board which is based in Gullspång.

More on Partex and Nordfas Invest

The family company Partex Marking Systems started 70 years ago and is today a leading international player in industrial marking systems. Partex leads the world in industrial marking systems by manufacturing products for the identification of wires, cables, pipes and components. The desire to help others grow and develop has always permeated the business. The founders, Tore and Ingegerd Lööf, helped young people who were failing at school to get ahead in life. Today Partex sponsors the local sports association and cultural life in the municipality of Gullspång.

Partex is owned by Nordfas Invest AB, which in turn is owned by Sophie Lööf.

Learn more about the companies on the websites of Partex and Nordfas Invest.

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