Outing to the Gothenburg Opera

We took 30 refugee children and six staff members from the municipality of Gullspång to see the opera “Marriage of Figaro” at the Gothenburg Opera. The children were between the ages of 10 and 16 years and have arrived to Sweden alone to a life without parents or relatives. They come from Afghanistan, Iran, Eritrea, Somalia or Syria. We had a wonderful evening together and the experience was highly appreciated.

Education of refugee accommodation staff

Coach Ola Tornberg visited the staff from the centre that takes care of the unaccompanied refugee children to hold a lecture in Non-Violent Communication (communication and how to handle conflicts) and to discuss how to create a healthy work environment and how to apply the NVC model in the workplace. The staff thought that Ola’s lecture was valuable and that they wished to work actively with these questions in the future.