Updates from Kenswed Hospital 2023


Kenswed Hospital has received life-saving investment from Lööf Foundation, enabling them to acquire much-needed respiratory support for maternity care.

Approximately 10% of newborns require CPR at birth – and half of these babies need additional help in the form of ventilation within the first minute of life, while others may require advanced measures.

The donation of advanced care solutions are life-saving for low-resource countries like Kenya. Crucial treatments are the Neopuff™, which is specially designed for resuscitation of newborns, and the portable baby Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP). Both non-invasive treatments use air pressure to maintain an open airway, reduce the risk of respiratory arrest and ensure adequate oxygenation of the blood.

Kenswed Hospital now has a fully-equipped dedicated resuscitation table for newborns. Where previously the resuscitation table consisted of just a heat lamp, suction and simple oxygen concentrator, it is now equipped with a pulse oximeter neonatal probe to safely measure heart rate and oxygenation in the babies’ blood, CPAP machine, and a Neopuff™ – supported by a reliable power source.


The Neopuff™ is a T-piece resuscitator designed by Fisher & Paykel Healthcare to deliver controlled, consistent, and precise pressures – independent of operator experience. It can provide assisted respiratory breaths to neonates and infants.

The Portable CPAP oxygen concentrator is ideal for transporting a newborn baby in the Kenswed ambulance to the neonatal ward for further care. The baby CPAP is essentially a machine that turns room air into pure oxygen and is recommended by Swedish paediatricians who have experience working in low-resource countries. 


For more information on these life-saving treatments, please view below:


Neopuff™ with accessories.

Link to website, Neopuff™ Fisher&Paykel:



Link to instructional video NeoPuff:



Diamedica portable – CPAP, oxygen concentrator and pulse oximeter.

Link to Diamedica’s portable CPAP:


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