Kenswed Hospital is in Ngong in Kenya and aims to provide accessible and reliable high-quality healthcare for people in need, including safe births in our maternity ward. Now with the ambulance service available through our support, we can also reach rural areas and conduct medical camps.

The team at Kenswed Hospital ran a one-day medical camp at Olooishobor Primary School in June, where 428 patients from the community were seen to over the course of the day.

Kenswed Hospital is well on its way to achieving its goal to increase monthly patient intake to 1000 people. Below is the summary of the number of births, ambulance referrals, dental patients and other general patients:


  • Births: 10
  • Ambulance services: 6
  • Dental patients: 112
  • Total patients: 669


  • Births: 9
  • Ambulance services: 7
  • Dental patients: 74
  • Total patients: 719


  • Births: 8
  • Ambulance services: 4
  • Dental patients: 113
  • Total patients: 758


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