On July 6, we welcomed a baby girl Louise into the world at Kenswed Hospital. She weighed 3.1 kg and both mom and baby are happy and healthy. On July 11 we welcomed our second baby of the week, Ariella into the world at Kenswed Hospital who weighed 3.17 kg. It feels so great to see 6 beautiful and healthy babies born at our clinic.

It feels especially wonderful to know that we have 25 other pregnant women who are registered to deliver at Kenswed Hospital. We have invested in further maternal care equipment to continue to provide the women of Kenya with further safe deliveries.

If you or anyone you know would like to contribute to the wonderful work being done at the Kenswed Hospital you can do so by making a donation to us, which goes directly back into the clinic.

Swish: 123 386 1044
BG: 324-3565


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