Wayo Wayo Kibra Sports for Peace and Development project started in 2016, with the mission to empower young boys and girls living in the Kibera slums through sports. At the beginning of the year they were able to continue as normal with planned weekly soccer training for both boys and girls. Together with 35 other teams in the community, they held an evaluation meeting about their life skills and environmental youth soccer league they held in 2019 to discuss what worked well and what areas to improve in, to make 2020’s youth soccer league better.

As they were in the midst of preparing for the upcoming Youth Soccer League, the Covid-19 virus reached Kenya. The government closed all institutions and canceled all sport activities. This meant that all activities in Wayo Wayo Kibra also had to be stopped. Even with the sports activities being canceled, they decided to help contribute to creating awareness to the public about COVID-19 and tried to help by supplying the public with relevant materials to the community. They distributed protective wear, delivered food items to the most vulnerable families and printed out safety precaution messages to put up around the community to help educate everyone.

It’s great to see that the participants have taken it upon themselves to educate and give back to the community during this difficult time. We hope that they will be able to resume their sports activities soon!


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