Here at Lööf Foundation we are taking the necessary actions required to reduce the spreading of the COVID-19 by canceling all current and future travels for the time being and taking all meetings online instead of meeting in person. This means that the upcoming trip to Nepal has now been canceled. Due to the ongoing outbreak of the virus around the world, we want to take our responsibility in not adding to the spread or cases of COVID-19 seriously.

We hope that our actions inspire others to follow suit and take the responsibility of not spreading the virus. At the end of the day, we are all one society and we are all human beings, no matter where in the globe we come from. For the elderly and sick people is 16%, this means that every 1 person out of 8 people dies. We owe it to each other to help try and protect one another.

We will continue to monitor the situation concerning the virus. Once the situation is under control, we at Lööf Foundation will start to travel again and continue our work within our various projects around the world. In the time being, we send our love to everyone and our many thanks to health workers around the globe working endlessly to ensure our health and safety.

For more information and updates about the virus please visit the World Health Organization for more information,

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