During our upcoming trip to Nepal this month, we will be holding an eye camp for all of the villagers living in Ratankot. We will bring six eye doctors from Kathmandu to conduct the two day camp. We expect to have between 400 – 600 people attend to have their eyes checked for eyesight, infection or any other eye health related issues.

If you would like to contribute to this great cause of continuing to provide the people of Ratankot with healthcare, you can make your donation out to Lööf Foundation and mark it with “eye camp”. For international donations, please contact Morgan Young, morgan@nordfasinvest.se.

Swish: 123 386 1044
BG: 324-3565

We cannot wait to give this Ratankot villager in the photo a chance to see an optometrist through our eye camp, to help with his issue in his right eye.


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