Very happy after this week’s visit to Dr. Shivani Chaturvedi maternity clinic in Agra. She together with her staff are doing a great job helping women during pregnancy and giving birth. They also do lots of field work in rural areas, educating about body and mind when reaching teenage years. One very important thing that Dr. Shivani pointed out is that we must give equal sexual and body education to both women and men. Lots of focus is given to empower women and men are sometimes forgotten. We will really implement this thinking in our future work in the Lööf Foundation.

We had beautiful meetings with 2 babies, one 2 days old and one 3 days old, I was truly in baby heaven!!! We also got to see their OR, a small but very functional operating theater. Feeling very inspired to create the same in our hospital in Kenya.

Many thanks to Dr. Shivani with staff for a great visit that we shall cherish and remember forever.



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