We went to Maasai land yesterday to distribute the seeds we had so graciously received from Wills & Trusts in UK that had been supplied from Seed programs International and Rachel Phillips for nominating us! It was a great place to distribute as they now have an irrigation system set in place as of one year now. The government had built a rail way road, where they had to create a tunnel and from the tunnel water now flows from there throughout the Maasai land.

In previous visits to Maasai land the earth was very dry with little vegetation. This time with the water supply, it was green everywhere. We distributed seeds to three different groups of people, as many gathered in one location to meet us. All of the people were very excited and happy to receive seeds as they had land to grow. Each one said their plan is to grow these seeds, to sell vegetables at the market and make money for their families.

One man even started to plant right away when we gave out the seeds. Many were eager to send photos as follow up from their harvest in the coming months. It’s so touching to have received these seeds, that will nourish the people here and in turn create economic stability for many households. I’m excited to follow up with everyone we met!

Morgan Young
Lööf Foundation Representative





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