We started out the morning by distributing more donated seeds from Wills & Trusts and Seed Programs International to Kenswed Academy. We got to meet the gardener who plants and harvests vegetables for the school kitchen. As well we got to meet with the agriculture teacher and students taking class in agriculture. The teacher had a great idea that each class would take turns to plant each different seed. It was great to meet the students and see their engagement in planting these new seeds!

We were reunited with Mamma Marion, a mother of 7 girls. She has a small kitchen garden and now rents land to grow food for her family. We met her where she was working in the field and caught up with her. We gave her many packages of seeds to plant, so she can further feed and support her children. She was very thankful for these!

It was especially great to return to Kibera Slums where we met Cantar who runs the Wayo Wayo Kibra Sports of Peace and Development. He created this sports program where kids can come and play football or skip rope, while at the same time learning about different topics such as drug abuse, sexual health and life skills. It was great to hear he will be holding a league from April to December each year for his players, where a requirement to enter the league is for each member of each team to participate in skills education and community service.

It was touching to meet the kids again and support them with football uniforms and football shoes. Thank you to Katarina Magnusson in Stockholm for supplying us with football material! It will be put to good use for these kids in the program!

Morgan Young
Lööf Foundation representative







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