We have welcomed a new 5-year-old boy, Anoj Gathani to Home of Hope. At Lööf Foundation we have a sponsorship program where every Home of Hope child is paired with a sponsor somewhere in the world. We unfortunately have not been able to pair a sponsor for Anoj yet. If you or someone you know is interested in sponsoring Anoj, please contact Morgan Young at morgan@nordfasinvest.se or 073-026 6562 for further information. The sponsorship program costs SEK 400:- per month and supports Anoj with housing, food, school fees and clothes. Lööf Foundation covers the other half of his monthly living cost. Through the sponsorship program, you will be able to send letters and photos back and forth with Anoj.

Anoj was living in poor conditions before he came to Home of Hope. When he was 2 years old his mother passed away from yellow fever, while his father has been out of the country since he was born and has never had contact. He lived with his grandmother, but she unfortunately could not support him as she made too low income. When he was three years old his foot got caught in the chain of a motorbike and he lost all of his toes. He is currently in grade primary and his favorite color is red. He enjoys playing games and likes all types of food. He hopes to become a doctor when he grows older.

Please help us give Anoj the future he deserves and become a sponsor today.



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