It fills us with joy to see organizations that we support, continue to thrive and grow. Wayo Wayo Kibra Sports for Peace and Development project is one of those projects that continues to do well for the children living in the Kibera slum area of Kenya. They are a project that started in 2016 with the mission to empower young boys and girls living in the Kibera slums through sports.

It felt great to hear that they had recently held a competition called the “Soccer League Plus”. This meant that different soccer teams could join the league but were only awarded points in their games if all of the members of the team participated in life skills forum and community service. This is such a wonderful idea to get youth involved in their communities, give back and most importantly learn valuable life skills which will help brighten their futures.

We feel very happy to support this project and look forward to revisiting them next month with more soccer items!



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