The hospital is running great in Kenya! Since opening the hospital in July we have been able to treat an astonishing 667 patients. We have treated for numerous ailments such as upper respiratory tract infections, flu, malaria, fungal infections, diabetes, urinary tract infections and more. It was great to see that our doctor made a home visit to a diabetic patient who could not physically make it to the hospital. It makes us so happy to see the dedication that our staff have towards their patients!

The founders of the Zelmerlöw & Björkman Foundation, Måns Zelmerlöw and Jonas Björkman visited the hospital during September. Måns himself had his blood pressure checked there by the staff! They also held a free medical camp at the Kibiko Primary School to promote the good care at our hospital. During the medical camp they treated 80 new patients. The free camp was very beneficial to the community as many came with critical illnesses, many couldn’t afford to access medical care, or some had medical issues they were not aware of.

It was great that we could promote the great care of the Kenswed Hospital to a wider community and spread the word that our hospital is up and running!





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