This morning Shyam and I took Home of Hope child Salina to the dentist. When checking the children’s health we found that she had deep cavities on both her 1st molars. We contacted Santos, who is a dental hygienist, has his own dental clinic and also helped us hold our dental camp in Ratankot last year.

He was so kind to accept us in the morning and have one of the dentists from our camp last year look at Salinas teeth. They examined her and took an X-ray of her teeth. They found that they will have to wait on the right side to take the tooth out after the 2nd molar has grown in, otherwise it will grow in crooked if we take the tooth out now.

On the other side they put a temporary tooth restoration in and in 2-3 weeks they will make a permanent tooth restoration. Santos informed us that she has not been brushing properly and gave her a very clear demonstration of brushing properly. Hopefully this education and information will prevent any further dental problems for Salina in the future.

It feels so great to have such good connections with health care professionals here in Nepal, that we can rely on to help our Home of Hope children if needed.

Morgan Young
Lööf Foundation Representative




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