Today was a very rainy day and trip to Home of Hope. There were many landslides along the drive from Kathmandu with all of the rain. We had to walk the last part of the way to Home of Hope, about 2 hours because the roads are not suitable to drive on.

It was such an exciting feeling to see all of the children again and meet our four new Home of Hope children who joined us just 1 month ago. They welcomed us with scarves and big hugs! They were all so excited to see Monica again and meet Anna. I even got to see the greenhouse frame before it got dark. I’m really looking forward to walk around and see everything tomorrow!

We all had dinner together and caught up with the children. I was happily surprised to hear how well English the children were speaking and understanding. I got to speak with the new children and start to get to know them better, they all seem quite settled into life here at Home of Hope, helping with chores, brushing teeth and changing into pajamas.

It has been an absolutely fantastic day coming and seeing all of the children again, it is hard to describe just how much they mean to me and how much I love them all. I’m excited for the days to come with them!

Morgan Young
Lööf Foundation Representative





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