Today they have made some good progress on the greenhouse! The outside frame is finished along with the roof. Tomorrow they will continue with making the doors, and the middle bars of the walls. They will have two sliding doors on either end of the greenhouse and two windows on the opposite walls. This way in the hot season, they can open up and have a cross wind throughout the greenhouse so it doesn’t get too hot.

The building of the greenhouse has taken a bit longer than expected as it has been raining so much. Today was a hot and sunny day, so they were able to get lots of work done! We put part of the plastic over top today to see how much length we had. It was enough to cover and I’m looking forward to when they will screw the plastic on. It will be great! A big thank you to everyone who helped raise money for the greenhouse or donated to us!

Today the children were free from school so I had the great opportunity to hand out all sponsor letters to the children. It’s so interesting to read the letter to them, and then they run inside and show their letter and photos to everyone. It was so funny to have questions from some of the children about other sponsors than their own. They are all so interested in each other’s lives and care about the sponsors of the other children!

We met with the medical staff who arrived in the village from Kathmandu for the women’s gynecology health camp tomorrow. I cannot wait to start setting up early tomorrow morning and meeting all of the women who come! Now it is Friday night, which means only one thing, dance night at Home of Hope!

Morgan Young
Lööf Foundation Representative













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