The frame for the greenhouse is now completely finished. We were able to secure the plastic walls on two sides at the top and also test the plastic roof to see coverage and where to secure. Tomorrow our worker will continue with securing the bottom plastic walls and then continue with securing the roof and installing the last two plastic wall sides.

The only thing left after that is to put in the windows and doors. We were hoping to finish the greenhouse before I left, but it has been very rainy weather this year, making it difficult to finish the greenhouse. I have no doubt that they will continue with working on the greenhouse after I leave tomorrow and will finish the rebuilding to be nice and stable!

I will leave the donated seeds from Ulvesunds Vaxthus and from Monica Hellström, so Asha, Shyam and the children can plant new types of vegetables in the new greenhouse when it is finished. I can’t wait to see what types of things we can grow and to see it being fully functioning soon in the future!

It was really great to see that one lemon tree and one orange tree we planted in 2017 are finally giving fruit. Asha and Shyam think that the orange and lemons will ripen around 2-3 months later depending on the weather. I cannot wait until the children can go to the fruit trees and pick fresh fruit!

Thank you again to everyone who took the time to hold fundraisers and donated to this project. This project is in cooperation with United Nations Sustainable Goals 1, to end poverty and 2, to have zero hunger. This greenhouse will teach our children how to grow and harvest food, so when they are older they hopefully won’t have to spend money on vegetables and fruit because they know how to grow it. This greenhouse will not only provide fresh food, but also be useful for the children and help make Home of Hope more sufficient when the greenhouse is up and running again!

Morgan Young
Lööf Foundation Representative





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