Today was the first day of the women’s gynecology health camp and we had such a great turn out of 106 patients! We started the morning at 7:00 to set up and clean the community hall. The women would first enter and check in giving their names and residence. Then they would proceed to the nurses station to check their vitals such as blood pressure, weight, blood sugar and heart rate. Next they would wait to see the doctor and be examined and then visit the medicine distributor.

In total the doctors did 41 vaginal examinations, checking for cancer, vulvovaginitis, utero-vaginal prolapse and cervicitis. While all 106 patients had an individual overall health check up with the doctor. We had 8 women who had vaginal prolapse and the doctors said it was from having multiple births and carrying heavy loads on their backs. The doctors also treated for yeast infection, vaginal itching and urinary tract infections.

Many women came with other health problems such as eye problems, migraines, headaches, arthritis, chest infections, cough, cold, flu, teeth, asthma, menstrual cramps, sprains, tonsillitis, scabies and interestingly we had a woman come in with a snake bite. Many of the health problems they were able to treat with the medicine we brought, but many were referred to the hospital for further treatment such as eye problems and cardiac problems.

It was so exciting to meet two young women who were 15 weeks pregnant and 16 weeks pregnant. We provided antenatal care for the women and even used a Doppler machine to hear the heart beat. It was such an amazing feeling to be able to help do an external exam of the uterus and feel the size of the uterus.

We also administered 1 pregnancy test which came back negative. I was impressed when they could do a quick test for cervical cancer by putting acetic acid on the cervix for 2 minutes. If it turned white, then it was cancer, but if it remained the same color it was just an infection.

I was so amazed to meet one woman who had traveled a total of 5 days, just to attend our health camp. She traveled 3 days by bus and 2 days by walking. She got tested for cervical cancer and it was a relief when it came back negative for cancer.

Today was a huge success and the doctors, nurses, medicine distributor and project leader were all so professional, caring and administered the best care to these women. They knew exactly how to set the camp up so it would be the most functional for the women.

Monica and Anna did a great job of giving education to the women while they were waiting about birth, contraceptives, periods and also taught them about menstrual cups. They handed out reusable sanitary pads, soap, tooth brushes and tooth paste and other items for mothers and their babies.

I cannot wait for day two tomorrow, where we will be having grades 7, 8, 9 and 10 coming. Both boys and girls will come and we will provide education to both about sexual health, contraceptives and periods! I hope that we have the same turn out of women as we had today!

Morgan Young
Lööf Foundation Representative












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