Today we had the pleasure of meeting with Santos and Sanjay who are helping us to hold our women’s gynecology health camp in Ratankot village. Santos helped us last year with our dental camp in Ratankot and will be the project leader. Sanjay has a background of being a lab technician for 15 years and will be our medicine distributor for the camp. Both of these men have held many health camps, dental camps and gynecology camps in other villages before, sometimes holding up to 5 camps a year.

After speaking with them today we feel that they have a good sense of how to effectively run the camp in a smooth way. Joining our medical team will be Dr. Ashmi Bhandari who has a Masters in gynecology, along with Dr. Mridusha Shrestha who has a Medical Degree in gynecology. Two nurses, Prem Kumari Buda and Sajana Malla who are trained in midwifery will also be apart of the team. Lastly, we will have the local nurse in the village join us to learn from the doctors and help give educational lessons.

It was great to hear from the two men today that they shared our same thoughts in educating the women about family planning, contraceptives for women and teaching the women that they have a choice over their bodies and the right to choose when they have children. We also discussed that if any men will show up to the camp, that the males of the camp will hold an educational talk with the men.

Being able to provide knowledge around the topics of family planning and contraceptives is very important because “when women in developing countries space their births by at least three years, each baby is almost twice as likely to survive their first year – and 35% more likely to see their fifth birthday.”

We will also provide care for common and treatable female conditions for the women. We look forward to getting to the village and holding this health camp this weekend!



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