All four new children, Rohan Thami who is 11 years old, Supriya Yonjan who is 6 years old and sisters Karishma Bhandari and Karuna Bhandari who are 10 and 12 years old, have now moved into Home of Hope and are settling in well! They have all started the new school year, with Supriya starting school in primary, Rohan and Karuna being in grade six and Karishma starting grade seven.

All children were shown to their beds, given a shower, new pair of clothes and all Home of Hope kids had lunch together when they first arrived. Karishma and Karuna enjoy playing with the other children the most and Rohan has already become very close friends with Bishek. Supriya has been getting guidance and help from the older girls and has been sleeping very well in Home of Hope. Supriya dances a lot with the other Home of Hope kids and can dance very well! We are very happy that all of the children are fitting well into Home of Hope and everyone is getting along!







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