Baby Patricia visited the clinic and the Lööf Foundation donated more football material to Wayo Wayo Kibra Sports of Development and had a celebration dinner with all hospital staff!

First this morning baby Patricia and her mother came to our clinic for a check-up. Patricia is growing exactly as she should and very well kept according to the staff. Yet both her and her mother had some problems with cough so medicine was precribed to both. They were very happy and grateful when leaving the clinic!

After lunch it was time for us to go back to Kibera slum and support Wayo Wayo Kibra sports with lots of football material, thank you to Kristina Magnusson who donated all the material to us. The youngsters were so happy to get new footballs since they only had very worn-out ones.

Lööf Foundation volunteer Patrik Gustafsson, former handball player from Skövde held a very appreciated handball workshop with the youngest children. Patrik shares that he thought it was very special to see the kids enthusiasm trying a new sport that they had never done before. Patrik also shares how surprised and how quickly they picked up the game and they ended the workshop with a game scoring 3-2 and many happy faces!!

Now it is evening here in Kenya and we are treating our hospital staff with a nice dinner in order to celebrate the successful running of the clinic!

Sophie Lööf
Founder and chairman
Lööf Foundation












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