It has been such a pleasure getting to know the eight members of staff who have now been working at the Kenswed Hospital for one month. We took some time to get to know their backgrounds, why they chose to work in the medical profession and what brought them to our clinic. As we head back to Sweden today, we leave knowing that the public and future patients are in wonderful hands. The staff at our clinic work so well together it feels as if they have known each other forever. Please meet all our wonderful staff below!

Joyceline Wanjiru Mwangi – Clinical Officer
She is the clinical officer of the clinic, which means that she oversees all patients who enter the clinic. When she was young, she was diagnosed with rheumatic heart disease where she thought she was going to die. She had to learn how to live with it and this was the reason why she started to study and practice medicine. The reason why she wanted to work at our clinic was because we have a maternity aspect to it. She feels passionate working in maternity since during her first pregnancy she thought she was only giving birth to one baby, but during labor they told her that she was in fact having twins. She wanted to give back to other women what she once didn’t receive during her pregnancies. She is married and has four children. She has studied the same amount of time as a doctor, 3 years of study and one year of interning. The only difference between a doctor and clinical officer is that a doctor can perform surgeries whereas a clinical officer can only perform minor operations.

Jackline Mbithe Kilonzi – Nurse
She is 28 years old and one of the nurses at the clinic. She has one son who is 8 years old. She originally wanted to be a lawyer but was advised to take nursing as she was missing a couple of credits. She really believes that nursing is a perfect fit for her, as she gets to serve more people and loves it. She saw working here at the clinic as an opportunity and wanted to expand and grow by working at a place that was starting from the beginning. She feels that the other staff here makes the perfect team!

Alice Muthoni – Nurse
She is also 28 years old and the second nurse at the clinic. She comes from a family of 9 siblings and her father passed away when she was 1 year old. Her mother had to raise all 9 children on her own. She has a 6-year-old son and when giving birth to him she did not have a very good experience. She continued her studies in nursing to prevent other women from having a bad birth experience. She has supervised 80-100 births in total and wants women to say that our clinic is the best place to deliver.

Esther Wanjiku Mahugu – Laboratory Technician
Esther is 32 years old and comes from a family of 8 siblings. She is married and a mother of three. She received her education from attending college for three years studying medicinal sciences. She wanted to be a nurse originally, but it was difficult to do, so she got the opportunity to study this instead and she feels content with the works she does. In her previous work experience, she didn’t have the same opportunity to do maternity tests. She feels she can contribute more here by doing more tests and believes that our clinic has very good standards compared elsewhere. She thinks it’s a good opportunity to work here from the beginning of it opening.

Margaret Sassini – Pharmacist
Margaret is 24 years old and from Maasai land. She graduated with a pharmaceutical technology diploma in 2016. She dreams to become a doctor one day but will start with this for now. She has a 5-year-old son and really enjoys being able to help people.

Mboya Samuel Odhiambo – Receptionist
He is 37 years old, married with two children. He graduated from university with a degree in informative technology (IT) and has a specialization in hospital networking (CISCO). He loves working and helping children as he volunteers in Kibera slums with vulnerable children. This is why he wanted to work at our clinic as he has a passion for maternity work and children. He wants to save the unfortunate people.

Ruth Wangui- Cleaner
She is 27 years old and has an 8-year-old daughter. She loves her job cleaning and is an athletic runner. She travels to different places around the world to compete.

Charles Nderitu – Security
He is 70 years old and previously worked as a security guard for Kenswed Academy for six years. He was a soldier in 1984 and has worked with security for his entire life. He is married with four children and has so many grandchildren he can’t keep count!





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