It felt like Christmas Day returning to the finished health clinic. We had such an excited and anticipating feeling in the car ride down. The building looked so nice and the professionalism and team spirit of the staff was great to see. Along with their sense of pride working for our health clinic. It was extra special to see a couple people receiving health care already from the staff! Standing at the receptionist desk we got the feeling that the clinic is now open for real and serving the public medically.

Meeting the receptionist Mboya Samuel Odhismno we felt happy and proud. It was very good to see that there was a file record system that was also linked to the computer. We met with the pharmacist Margaret Sassini and she ran through the organized order of all of the medicine we have. With the medicine we have we will be able to treat many different types of common illnesses. It was great to stand in the emergency and treatment room and go through the emergency kit, it went beyond our expectations of professionalism and organization. Everything in the clinic seemed so well organized and thought through.

We then visited the observation room and delivery ward, where we had different beds, dividers and tables. It felt great to see all of the medical equipment, office furniture and medical supplies that we shipped in the container being well used and laid out in the clinic. Thank you to everyone who helped contribute items to the shipping container, they are all being well used! It was quite funny to hear that the ultrasound machine was functioning well but was in Swedish language!

It felt great to contribute further to the clinic with a long list from the staff of further items needed. We managed to shop for the items below and bring them to clinic.

– Washing machine
– Printer
– Heaters
– Microwave
– Toilet paper, toilet cleaners, plungers
– Mops and buckets
– Washing detergent
– Soap and hand sanitizer
– Gloves and air fresheners
– Baby formula, diapers and baby wipes
– Blankets and bed sheets
– Extension cords and multi plugs
– Fridge guard
– Binders, calculators and notebooks
– Dolls

The best part of today was to learn that a boy patient today was tested for malaria and it came back negative! We look forward to getting to know the staff even more tomorrow morning and unpack all of the items we brought from Sweden, meet new patients and see how we can contribute further!

Sophie Lööf
Chairman & Founder Lööf Foundation














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