Our two oldest Home of Hope girls, Preeti and Binita have been attending extra courses in Kathmandu for the past month. They have been taking an English and computer science course to prepare them for their future studies. They must pass these two courses in college, so we wanted to help prepare them!

The courses will last for three months in total, and so far they have been doing really well. Shyam their housefather has said that they can carry on a much better conversation in English with him now, then they ever could before! Both the girls have said that it was difficult material in the beginning, but it’s gotten easier as they have continued with the course!

When Shyam was in Kathmandu, the two girls were even using his laptop! It seems as though this extra course has really helped them improve! It was great to find out that our two girls also got their exam marks back from grade 10, and both finished with a B! We feel very proud of these two girls, their hard work and accomplishments!


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