Today I will return to Sweden, so yesterday I held my last workshop with the kids. We went back over self love, self esteem and spoke more in depth about bullies. We spoke about not paying attention to other people who try to bring us down, and how good self esteem can allow us to deal with other people who aren’t nice.

We spoke about feeling good on the inside, so that no matter what happens on the outside and in our surroundings, we won’t be as negatively impacted. It was a great workshop to sum up my time here in Poland. I finished the workshop by showing films from Canada, Kenya and Nepal to the children. They absolutely loved watching them and giggled at different parts. They enjoyed seeing and learning about other places around the world.

It was very nice to hand out hand knitted sweaters that I brought from Sweden, as Elizabeth had donated knit sweaters she made to Lööf Foundation. The kids were very excited for these and also other clothes, and football T-shirts I handed out.

I said goodbye to many of the children and tutors. Some were upset, but we all hugged each other very tight. It has been a pleasure to spend time with these children and I hope that our workshops together have opened their minds, thoughts and created new ideas. These children are all so lovely and special and deserve everything good in their futures. I have learned that their futures are brighter thanks to the many tutors who work day and night at the Young Forest.

Morgan Young
Lööf Foundation Representative



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