On May 13, we had the great pleasure of attending the Stockholm Philanthropy Symposium at the National Museum. The theme for the symposium this year was “Aligning purpose and impact in the age of digital philanthropy”. It was a full day filled with talks, presentations, panel discussions and inspiration.

From the conference we brought home some key points that are highlighted below.

  1. Even in this technological time, we must remember connectedness and to ask open ended questions rather than close ended questions. We must show up with the “whole self” and try to learn about the “whole self” of the other person we are interacting with.
  2. We must identify the purpose of giving and what giving looks like in a digital world.
  3. We must have more women in the design and production process of the technology industry.
  4. Every action counts that we do to make the world better. Even if it is small, it still counts, and we are at least doing something to make things better.
  5. There is power living in discomfort because it opens up more questions ideas and understanding.
  6. We must make technology available to everyone so they can take part in philanthropic work. For example, the Red Cross is using the Cloud to track texts from community members about health issues so they can track major health crisis before they happen.

We learned so much from listening and taking part in this conference with 90 other people who are part of philanthropic work in some way!

Morgan Young
Lööf Foundation representative





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