Today we held a dental camp for all of the school children in Ratankot. We hired and brought 3 dentists, and 3 dental hygienists from Kathmandu. They have graduated in 2016 and have had 5.5 years of education. It’s their first time in Ratankot and even got stuck along the drive here.

They started this morning by looking at the Home of Hope children’s teeth. Puja, Saroj, Purna, Binita, Preeti, Anita all had perfect teeth! They treated Sunita, Bishek, and Samjhana. Laxmi, Salina, and Rajan has baby teeth pulled out that were ready to be taken out.

The dentists then continued to look at the Ratankot students teeth, Upper Ratankot school children’s teeth, and Shree Koldong Devi Secondary School where our oldest Home of Hope children attend for grades 9 and 10. The dentists also treated all of the teachers of these schools. Some children had nothing wrong with their teeth, but majority of children had cavities, some having up to 14 cavities.

Along with school children, the dentists also checked up on some local villagers who dropped by. The oldest person they looked at today was 79 years old, and this was her first time ever seeing a dentist in her life! The dentists were able to look at 224 children and villagers today! They pulled 24 teeth in total today and pulled out some root stumps from teeth that had gone rotten and fallen out.

It was such a great day seeing all of these people seek dental care and receive education from the dentists on how to properly clean and care for your teeth and express the importance of brushing your teeth everyday. After each visit with the dentist, every person received a tooth brush and tooth paste from us! This camp was so important for these children as they said that they have never seen a dentist before! Thank you to everyone who donated tooth brushes to us and sent us money!






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