It was a great finale on the November 14, Partex India inaugurated our new office to expand our business bigger! It was great to see all the distributors coming from across India to join our success. It was a big celebration, and afterwards we were ready to give back!

It was such an honor to visit the Anatha Shishu Nivasa orphanage. Partex India chose this project for Lööf Foundation to help support, as this project helps so many children. The orphanage was founded in 1942 by a group of philanthropists and public-spirited men and women. It started functioning in a small rented house in Shankarapuram which is an old residential area in Bengaluru. Later in 1958 it was shifted to the present building it’s in today. The founding-fathers of the orphanage wanted to put an end to female infanticide, and to shelter and support orphan/abandoned infants. The children are referred by the child welfare committee, child help line, those abandoned on the road or left at the gates of the orphanage. All children that enter their doors are given shelter and love.

The orphanage has a large compound with a spacious building consisting of two halls, dining area, kitchen, a store, study room and library, bathrooms and toilet blocks. The children who live there are between the ages of 9 months to 18 years of age. They currently have 64 children living there. Of the children, 60% are fully orphan while 40% are semi-orphan. Semi-orphan children come to live here as their parent is living in extreme poverty and cannot care for the child. A total of 40% of the children get adopted while 60% go on to live at this orphanage until they become and adult at the age of 18 years. The children are given nutritious meals, and have periodical medical check ups from medical consultants.

We had a great experience with Lööf Foundation shopping for the children, where we bought lots of groceries such as cashews, dal, rice, and oil. We also bought blankets, hygiene products and toys. We bought lots of board games, cricket bats and balls and footballs. They were so happy to see all the things which we bought and started to play with immediately! It was touching to meet one baby who’s name is Jeevan, which means “life”. He was abandoned in the hospital as soon as he was born.

Through police custody he was brought to the orphanage and he was only 3 days old when he arrived. Now he is 9 months old and doing well. His health is completely fine. We met another child who’s name is Deekshith. He is now studying in grade 10 and he very happy to receive the cricket bat and ball and expressed his thankfulness a lot.
My co-worker at Partex Balakrishna expressed thoughts that “it was very emotional to see the kids in this orphanage and I saw a small girl which reminded me of my daughter, that I had tears in my eyes. I was very happy to be part of this occasion. Thanks to Lööf Foundation for doing a great job!!”

I thought it was very heart touching for me to see these kids even though they don’t have parents, they were so blessed with whatever they had. To see them playing with the toys we distributed and the fun they had with us gave me a great joy. I am extremely thankful to Lööf Foundation and Sophie Ma’am for having so much heart and helping those need.

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