We have touched down in Kenya safe and sound! It’s been so great to come back and see all of the wonderful people again, and especially big thanks to Dedan who came and collected us at the airport! Niklas’s first impression of Kenya is that it is very open, especially with all of the people that we have met.

What once was just walls when I left in September has now become windows, doors, a roof, completed septic tank, and plastered walls! Later this week the glass for the windows will be put in, and they have prepared for plumbing and electricity in the future. It was so amazing to walk through the building and see all of the progress made in just a short month and a half! Our building project manager Mungai and his team of construction workers has worked so hard and I feel very proud of what they have accomplished! It is becoming a stunning building, and I can really start to imagine a running health clinic and maternity ward in the future.

A couple of changes have been made, they have now added another room for a laboratory as the health minister has said we must have one to be able to open and run the clinic. They are also planning to build three toilets on top of the septic tank and then put the water tank on the roof of the toilets. This will save money as we won’t have the cost for a water tank stand, and it will also make it easier for people, as they won’t have to walk into the clinic for toilets.

We also met with some students at the Kenswed Academy and wished them good luck on their exams, as they start to write next week.

It’s been a great first day here already, and am so looking forward to the coming days!

Morgan Young
Lööf Foundation representative





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