Kinga and I, Agnieszka are Partex employees in Poland. Kinga has worked at Partex for six years in the telemarketing department and has been a huge support for the sales branch. She is married and has one daughter who is three years old. I have worked at Partex since 2007 in the marketing department. I have a ten-year-old son and a seven-year-old daughter. Kinga and I are more than just co-workers, we spend time together outside of work and have even tried to learn rollerblading in our spare time.

We had a magical day with Sophie Lööf where we visited a family home called “The Young Forest”. We were together with the children who live there and their tutors. We arrived and felt very welcomed by them! The more time we spent there, the more the children’s personalities shone through. We also met the headmaster of the family home, who was a distinguished woman, warm and empathetic. The tutors for the children were amazing women, incredibly patient, caring and concerned with each child’s life. It was especially heart warming to meet the children of the family home.

We talked and joked with the children as we got to know them better. They spoke to us about their school and favorite subjects. We all sat together and watched Lööf Foundations documentary about their family home in Nepal called “Home of Hope”. It was amazing to see how the atmosphere suddenly changed as all of the children and tutors watched the documentary with attention, and some were even laughing at the kids in the film presenting themselves. Their expressions changed when they started to hear the life stories of the Nepalese children at Home of Hope. We can only guess, but they probably no longer felt they were in front of a TV, but rather in front of a mirror. It was a special moment for each of us, but a little bittersweet.

We went outside and handed out toys donated by Lööf Foundation for the children. We helped to hand out footballs, push scooters, bed linens, towels, etc. to all the children. We also cut the ribbon to the new kitchen that Partex Poland supported with. We played and watched the children test out their new equipment which they really enjoyed. After some fun time together, we said our goodbyes as the children had to return inside to do homework.

Sophie and I spent time with the headmaster of the family home and the wonderful tutor Helena. They told us stories of the children, which were sometimes touching, dramatic or sad. It was a very important, informative and great day for us to spend together with these children!

Agnieszka and Kinga
Partex Poland employees








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