The walls have really grown since a few days ago. They are now on the ninth row high. There will be 11 in total, so they are soon finished. I was able to walk into real rooms, and see where the doors will go, and start to visualize how the clinic will look when it’s finished!

They finished the digging for the septic tank, and will start filling the four corners with cement to support the hole. They stared digging for the incinerator and placenta pit today. We also had the plumber on site assessing where and how the plumbing will go once the walls are finished.

These men have been working so hard on the building that we felt it would be a nice treat to provide them with a good lunch. We paid for a big pot of cooked goat meat with vegetables and bread because that’s what the men really like, along with juice! They were all so happy for this lunch and thanked us many times!

I feel very happy to have been able to be here on site and see the building grow right in front of my eyes. Next week they will start on the roof, which I am excited to see photos of! It will be so interesting to hopefully see it completely built when I return in October!

Morgan Young
Lööf Foundation representative










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