Our Founder and Chairman Sophie Lööf was invited by IM to attend a talk by His Holiness Dalai Lama in Malmö, Sweden at the Live Arena. IM is an organization that has been fighting poverty and exclusion and have been cooperating with His Holiness for 50 years. We felt honored when they invited us to this event and for a special luncheon with His Holiness after the talk.

His Holiness spoke great words of wisdom saying that “we have to take care of others well-being, we are social animals and everyone wants to have a happy life. Peace will come through practice of compassion and true altruism.”

He continued saying that “we are all sentient beings made by nature, we are all the same, humans, animals, insects… we all want a happy life and to not suffer. Humor is a precious tool to communicate and create a happy and healthy environment. As a human, we must work hard on our minds, compassion and self confidence with discipline. But not over self-confident, feeling superior separates you from humanity and makes you feel lonely inside. As the human is a social animal needing friendship and love to be happy and to strengthen its immune system, doing harm to others means hurting yourself and it weakens you as a human being, so it is stupid really. Scientists have proven today that anger, fear, hatred, and self pity are threats to our immune system and are making us sick.”

I feel so humbled and honored to have heard his words of wisdom with my own ears. Hopefully his message can help others live a peaceful, happy and fulfilling life! 

Sophie Lööf
Founder and Chairman Lööf Foundation

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