I was amazed by the work completed at the building site today. There were 15 men working together, and in just a short 6.5 hours were able to lay the slab (cement mixture) on the floor of the building. They mixed stone, sand, water and cement in a mixer, then transported it via wheel barrow. It was smoothed by shovel and then flattened to get air holes out with a piece of wood, used by hand.

Work on digging the hole for the septic tank continued, and those two workers are extremely fast at digging. Their determination and stamina is impressive. They will be through with digging by tomorrow!

The slab is now laid, and tomorrow they will start on the walls, as they already got one truck load of stones before I left the site.

I spoke with a few of the workers today and they said they love their work, that this is their passion. They love the hard manual work, and also to see something start from nothing and grow upwards. We couldn’t be more happy to know we have such amazing people working on building this clinic, and take pride and joy in their work. It feels comforting knowing that the construction workers feel the same passion for this project, as we do!

Morgan Young
Lööf Foundation representative





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