In Sweden we have received gracious donations of football shirts, shorts and socks from Katarina Magnusson, as well as footballs donated by Goran who is the coach for the IF Weimer football team in Lyrestad that Håkan Lans transported to us. We brought many uniforms and footballs for the Wayo Wayo Kibra Sports for Peace and Development Project who we helped support during our first trip to Kenya. This project corresponds with the UN goal #3, to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.

The Wayo Wayo Kibra Sports for Peace and Development Project is an organization created by Abdul Hussein in the Kibera slums, that gives youth living in extreme poverty a place to come and play sports, while at the same time educate and address social issues that affect youth. The Kibera slums has over 1 000 000 people living there, where many don’t have running water, toilets or electricity.

I got to meet the boys football team under 15, and under 17 team. The girls practice later in the day as they need to do domestic chores in the morning. Monica and I spoke with the boys and they said this organization has helped them stay out of drugs, that they have good, close friends through the team that can have one another’s back. They thanked us many times for all support they have received.

We met three girls who play football too, and they said that the program allows their parents to be at ease, because they know where their daughters are, what they’re doing and that they are safe. They also said it gives them the chance to play football which they love. As much as I left the Kibera slums with a heavy heart, I also left knowing that Wayo Wayo Kibra is lifting these young people’s spirits, giving them a positive outlet, physical activity, education and helping them stay on the right path in life.

Thank you Katarina, Goran and Håkan for donating football items to help this wonderful organization!

Morgan Young
Lööf Foundation representative





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