I’ve now safely landed in Nairobi, Kenya! It reminds me a lot of Nepal, in that there is lots of traffic, lots of people, so many things happening around you including smells, sights and noises. I was picked up at the airport and we went to the Kibera slums to pick Monica up. While there I had the pleasure of meeting Abdul Hussein who runs the Wayo Wayo Kibra Foundation, that we donated to earlier this year in February.

It was so nice to meet him and his family. It’s so great to be reunited with Monica again! The plan was to unload the container tomorrow, but the container has not arrived yet to the school as they are still fixing the road. Tomorrow morning I will visit the building site and meet Mungai who is the building project manager, to be updated on the status of the building process.

I am looking forward to seeing the building site in person, and feel very happy to be here in Kenya!

Morgan Young
Lööf Foundation representative


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