We started the project of building a maternity and health center together with the Zelmerlöw & Björkman Foundation and Rejlers earlier this year. We traveled there in February to break the first ground. The building process has recently begun. They first started by clearing out the land where the foundation would be built on. They have started to section off rooms to further the building process. The center will be 29×12 meters, which will mean the center will be quite large. We are so thrilled to see that the building process has started and excited to continue to follow it. Everything appears to be right on schedule for us to hold the inauguration during the middle of November.

The goal for this center is to reduce the amount of maternal mortality and child mortality rates in Kenya. According to the social progress index for 2017, Kenya’s average maternal mortality rate is 509 deaths for every 100 000 live births, and their average child mortality rate is 49 deaths for every 1 000 live births. Compared to Sweden these numbers are too high when Sweden’s 2017 average maternal mortality rate is 4 deaths for every 100 000 live births, and their average child mortality rate is 3 for every 1 000 live births. We would love to see the gap in these figures decrease significantly, especially when the majority of these deaths are preventable with the right medical care, education and nutrition.

Keep following the progress with live updates when we travel back to Kenya in September to follow up the building progress further!






  • Zakirullah says:

    I am really impressed with your charity work.I want toestablish such a hospital in pakistan.Can you share the plan of hospital.

    • Morgan Young says:

      Hi Zakirullah,
      Thank you for your question. If you are interested in the blueprints and building of our hospital, you can email me to gather further information from our building consultant.
      Please let me know!

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