We would like to introduce Sophie Lööf, our Founder and Chairman. She started the foundation over 5 years ago and has been involved in all of our projects, starting from our very first in India, to our most recent in Kenya. Sophie created the Lööf Foundation after conversations with her late grandmother, promising her that she would create a foundation to help others. Sophie’s family values of giving back to others and helping people can be seen each and everyday over the past five years as she has imagined and dreamt of projects that would save people and animals. She has helped to educate, inspire, encourage, heal and spread love to all people who have come in contact with her.

Sophie has managed to touch all corners of the globe, from helping to bring a village out of extreme poverty in India, to building an orphanage in the remote mountains of Nepal, to helping reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS and rescuing lions in South Africa. She has given education to a young girl in South Africa, supported four food banks located in America, New Zealand, England and Germany and helped family homes in Russia and Brazil. She has supported the great cause for sports by contributing to an underprivileged girl’s football team in the Philippines and now currently working towards creating a safe place for mothers, their babies and local people too have access to proper health care in Kenya. Not only has she been an international inspiration, she has given back to the community that helped to raise and shape her in Gullspång, by supporting people who have come to Sweden seeking asylum, provided educational workshops for the local schools and supported with a zipline.

The impact that Sophie leaves on people, their hearts and minds is unlike any other. With her hard work, determination, and strive, she has grown our foundation to heights unimaginable. Our foundation seeks to promote the care and education of children and young people and also focus on environmental and social aid activities. We know that Sophie will continue to instill these goals in every project she engages in, for many years to come.


  • Susan Mwangi says:

    Congratulations Sophie .
    My name is Susan Mwangi .Am from Kenya .
    I have been working in a H.I.V clinic that targets children living with H.I.V since 2010
    I will greatly appreciate being given a chance to work with your organization .


    Am Anastacia i have been working with mothers and children living with HIV/AIDS by giving them health education.i like your idea of coming up to help mothers since healthcare for mothers and children is a great challenge here in Kenya.Given a chance i would like to work with your organization to better the life of this mothers and children.

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