We have helped support the Love Lions Alive Sanctuary many times in South Africa. The sanctuary is a haven for lions, run by Andi Rive the “Lion Queen” from her program on Animal Planet. In South Africa lions are being bred for hunt as a sport and killed for their body parts for medicinal purposes at an alarmingly high rate. We believe that lions lives are valuable and gave our support to the sanctuary by helping to rescue a cub during one of our visits which we helped to name Carl. We first met Carl when he was two months old. We helped support with vet bills for Carl to have a full checkup upon his arrival to the sanctuary. He has grown to be a beautiful, playful and confident two-year-old.

Carl now shares the same enclosure as Mela, a female lion at the sanctuary. Andi wanted them to have company and be able to play, snuggle and have physical contact with another lion. It took a while at first for the two to warm up to each other as Carl is very young and playful and Mela is older and more capable. Carl now roars as of earlier this year and according to Andi is the “most amazing thing to hear!” It makes us proud to see this beautiful photo of a saved lion who can live out his life with dignity.

It has been great to support Andi in her fight of saving lions by supporting two surgeries for lionesses. Andi believes that no more lions should be bred into captivity, so we helped have two lionesses spade by a very well-known vet. The sanctuary also provides volunteer experiences which we have taken part of many times. The experience allows you to be able to help, learn and be a part of daily life there. Love Lions Alive Sanctuary is a wonderful place to visit and volunteer at. We highly recommend this sanctuary if you are looking to help hands on and learn from the very knowledgeable Andi Rive. If you would like to support Andi’s work in saving lions or would like to volunteer at her sanctuary, please visit www.llavolunteer.com.


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