Update on schooling – April 7, 2018

All of the children are now done school and on holiday. They have each finished their grades, and will start their new grade in about two weeks. We will get their results on April 13! However, we were lucky to get the school results of Preeti Lama and Binita K.C., who are both in grade nine.

When we were here in November 2017, Preeti was position 12 out of 30 students, and Binita was position 20 out of 30 students. We went to their school and spoke to their principal and teachers along with them to figure out how we could help them, where they were struggling, and what they could do to improve. The teachers said that the girls had to study harder.

Their last day of school they came running home into Home of Hope, and hugged the first person they saw, saying their new final positions in school. Preeti finished position 4 out of 28 students and Binita finished position 10 out of 28 students. We were so happy and proud of them, but more importantly the girls were proud and happy of themselves. They had worked so hard and studied so much since November. It’s so great to see that hard work pays off, and that they can see results from their own determination in such a short period of time!


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