Update on hot water solar tank – April 3, 2018

This evening we were able to take a hot shower, all the way up on this beautiful mountain in the remote village of Ratankot. In previous trips, our showers/baths have been in cold water. Home of Hope has had this hot water solar tank since May 2017, when Monica Hellström provided it with her donated money that she raised. We have had some troubles getting it to work properly, but are so pleased and happy to say that it’s working!

Even before we arrived at Home of Hope, the children were taking hot showers, which Asha and Shyam had said they showered longer because the water was warm. It’s been a privilege to experience this first hand. There was even steam during the shower!! There was enough hot water for seven of us to shower. It was so funny to hear Aren singing while showering! Thank you again to Monica Hellström for providing Home of Hope with hot water!


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