Update on chicken house – April 6, 2018

We built the chicken house in May 2017, with the great help and donation from Monica Hellström. The chicken house is built from brick, cement, bamboo, iron, and a tin roof. The chickens have a gated area outside to play, eat and be. Inside the chicken house they have baskets to lay eggs in, pieces of bamboo to perch on and rice shavings to roll in.

The chicken house has four roosters, 11 hens and four baby chickens. There are three hens that are sitting on 7-8 eggs, which should hatch soon. Most days the children can gather 4-5 eggs per day. One of the hens lives with two ducklings, as it has become a mother figure for the ducks. Today we cleaned inside the chicken house a bit, and laid down new rice shavings.

The chicken house has been a great asset for Home of Hope so that the children can learn how to properly raise animals and raise their own food so that they can continue to be self-sufficient. We feel it is so important for the children to learn this at a young age, so that when they grow up, they will have the knowledge.


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