Solveig’s work – April 9, 2018

As you know I am a 66 year old nurse from Sweden. Now I have been at Home of Hope for almost two weeks and have been able to do many things both at Home of Hope and in the village. The word has gotten out in the village that I am a nurse, so I have had a few patients come to Home of Hope, asking for my help. I’ve provided them with as much medical care as I possibly could. Other than this, I’ve worked in three main areas:

Home of Hope:
I’ve done a health check on all of the children and have found that they are overall in good health. It really shows that the children are being well taken care of by their housemother Asha and housefather Shyam, with love, good food and education.

I’ve had some light yoga lessons with the kids and they really seemed to enjoy this, I was pleasantly surprised that some even knew some moves. Some of the children got tactile massage from me. We have been baking buns, biscuits and I’ve made a lentil soup for them which they really enjoyed.

Morgan and I gave a follow up sex talk to all of the Home of Hope children, as they have received this talk before. Some were shy, but they seemed quite informed already. Some of them even brought us their school books to show what they’ve learned in school about the human body.

All of the children are so lovable, and I’ve had a fantastic time with them all.

Health clinic:
I’ve made four trips to the health clinic, and have been able to speak with the two nurses. One was a man who said they were short on medicine and therefore they haven’t been receiving many patients. They were still waiting for medicine from the government, which they weren’t sure when they would get. I brought some medical supplies and medicine with me from Sweden, which I gave to the health clinic.

I also met the 18 year old nurse, named Sunita, and this was her first job. We handed out condoms and gave her a follow up lesson on how to properly use a condom, so this way she could teach any future villagers this knowledge.

Ratankot school:
I’ve done a health check on 3/4 of the students. The major things that I have treated have been wounds, the common cold, fever, and scabies. I spent three days at the school treating the children. I even took the blood pressure of the headmaster!

I took part in handing out the lunch that Lööf Foundation provided for all students. I was able to hand out the plates, and it was a very moving experience. We also handed out notebooks and pencils to all of the kids.

Morgan and I held a workshop together. Morgan spoke about gender equality, going for your dreams, and I spoke about hygiene, keeping yourself tidy and also about waste management. We divided the group into two, one went with me half a kilometer to clean the garbage, while the other half stayed with Morgan to clean up in the school area. It seemed as if all children were happy for these days that we spent with them.




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