School lunch – April 8, 2018

At the Ratankot school the children do not receive any lunch from the school, nor do they bring a lunch from home. The students must go the day from 10:00-16:00 without food. Often times even longer than this as many have to walk one hour to and from school. Some children at the school only get two meals per day, some only getting one, depending on the families economic status, number of family members and whether there is enough food for everyone that day.

We wanted to provide all of the children lunch, so we had a local villager cook lunch for all 84 students. She made boiled eggs, pan bread, cooked potatoes with vegetables and a lentil/pea mixture. We handed out a plate for each child, some of the children ate very fast, while others ate slowly. They all were very happy to get a meal and it was great to see them all with full bellies!





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